The Vision


About Woodberry

Welcome to Woodberry Homes, a luxury residential developer based in the beautiful South East of England. As a company we are committed to providing superior, exquisitely designed family homes, coupled with outstanding levels of customer service.

We aspire to deliver, low impact, small scale luxury developments in desirable locations, that have an unrivalled quality of finish. Each home is planned with thought and designed with meticulous attention to detail, presenting uncompromisable and limitless functionality.

Additionally, we offer some exceptional support plans designed to help any discerning prospective customer take the first step toward a new self-made, self-build dream home.

This is made possible due to the strong belief and very real enthusiasm from everyone involved at Woodberry Homes



It has been a challenging but rewarding journey. Woodberry Homes was founded in July 2017 with one quite simple objective – to keep families together, forever by developing multi-generational homes. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, this now seems so much more appropriate. It saddens us to hear of so many families that have fallen victim to this virus, with so many people unable to help their own children, mother, father or grandparents. With a Woodberry Home, all this can be possible!

It may not be immediately obvious, but this vision extends far beyond building beautiful homes. It is much more personal than that. It is the result of years of unquestionable support and devotion from my parents who I would genuinely like to thank.

“Mum and Dad, I have never wanted anything more than to make you proud. I am forever grateful to you both for the lessons you have imparted, the counsel and guidance, the sharing of so many years of life experience. I will always strive to be a better person because letting you down has never been an option for me. You have dedicated your lives to ensuring I had the best opportunities. Your selflessness has allowed me to focus on defining my own being, creating a path of enjoyment, value and meaning. Without you, I most certainly would not be where I am today. Thank you!”


Origin Of Woodberry

“Growing up my Father was one of the original selfbuilders of the 80’s and 90’s and my Grandfather was a structural engineer who worked on the Channel Tunnel project. It was only natural I gravitated toward a similar career path. With a passion for houses and having successfully completed my bachelor degree in civil engineering, I spent a number of years working with many large-scale property developers, assisting with all manner of management functions. However, I never felt complete. I wanted to become more involved at every level. I was serious about raising standards and building better family homes. This led to the creation of Woodberry Homes and the Vision which is now the core of all our business activities”.

Our philosophy is simple… To provide you with the best care and support during your experience of finding or building your new forever home. Everyone at Woodberry Homes has a real sense of pride and passion for the homes we build and the services we offer, which is why we only employ dedicated, highly spirited professionals to ensure your experience is a truly positive one.

Each home is a unique creation, developed with people at the heart of every decision. Putting our relationship with you first is just one of the many reasons that make us different.

Now in the third year of operation, the Woodberry Team has grown from one to six, all of whom share the vision and help create and maintain the highest standards in all we do.