Self Build


Getting started with your project

Self-build is becoming an increasingly larger market here in the UK but still relatively unknown to a large portion of the population. Getting started with a project of any size can be tricky. What is self build? Where do you start? Who do you talk to? How much should you invest? Are you spending your budget wisely and in the right places? Our FREE consultation can help you get started with your self-build journey answering any questions you may have. Self-build allows home owners to design, build and live in the house they have imagined for years. Find land in your ideal area, and see your dream home take shape. The process is simpler than you thought, you don’t have to do the process alone and this is where we come in! Offering a wide range of astutely designed management and consultancy services, catered to a variety of customer needs no matter the project size.

Land Acquisition

We are experienced and trained in the utilisation of multiple software applications to identify nationwide opportunities for the provision of potential building plots to support custom and self-build.

  • Initial consultation and brief
  • Agree terms suitable to your needs
  • Engage the Architectural team
  • Obtain planning permission
  • Complete the deal


Architectural Services

We pride ourselves on working closely with every client to ascertain their specific requirements, produce briefs and plans and practical, innovative, design solutions.

  • Initial consultation and project brief
  • Design proposal drawings and modelling
  • Pre-application advice
  • Outline and full planning applications and appeals
  • Building regulation drawings
  • Project specifications
  • Tender services
  • Contract documents and construction management