Our Promise.


Luxury living, built with your future in mind.

When spending time – life’s most valuable commodity – we owe it to ourselves to pursue perfection, and that means working together. That is why, to our customers, we promise to provide you with our absolute best, and of course, excellent customer service. It is our view that this is the only true way of achieving success and good business.

The best contractors expect and deserve the best environments. We provide our highly-skilled workers with a professional environment and expertly-managed sites. This is also essential in keeping employees and contractors safe, which is an absolute priority for Woodberry Homes.

We are keen to and focused on addressing the skills shortage facing the construction industry. By reviewing new and upcoming construction methods and sequences, we are able to stay ahead, advancing at a competitive pace, applying our findings to new and existing designs. Establishing more efficient methods allow for more consistent project flows, bringing greater certainty of programme and build quality and a reduction in waste.

We will continue to engage with our suppliers to discover and learn about innovative products and services that can be used to further increase our efficiency on site whilst still maintaining our high-quality requirements.

About - Woodberry Homes


Working with you to create your dream home.

Everyone at Woodberry Homes is a high-spirited professional, with a real sense of passion and pride in delivering top quality services and an outstanding customer experience. Together, we endeavour to design, plan and construct ever greater personalised housing, but we fully understand that what truly makes those houses into homes are people. That is why it is our philosophy to put our customers first – to build not only beautiful houses, but also lasting relationships.

Working closely with our customers, each Woodberry Home becomes a unique creation, developed with people at the heart of every decision. Putting our relationship with you before profit is just one of the many things that make us different.

We look forward to working with you!


Working at the heart of the community. With you, for you.

“Growing up my father was one of the original Self-Builders of the 80s and 90s and my grandfather was a structural engineer working on the channel tunnel project. It was only natural I gravitated towards a similar career path. I settled on civil engineering as I wished to affect change in our surroundings. I decided that the best way to effect change in people’s lives

was through their homes and adding value to the way they lived. This led to the creation of the Multi-generational home concept which is at the core of the Woodberry Vision. To date I have added to the Woodberry family all of whom share the vision I have for Woodberry Homes and help create and maintain the highest standards in all we do”