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We can offer you three options depending on your requirements, budget and cashflow. 1. An all-in lump sum agreement; 2. A percentage based on the Gross Development Value (GDV) of your project; and 3. A fixed hourly rate.

It is a complex process, often without a definitive single solution. Initially, based on your requirements as discussed during your free consultation, we will send you a report identifying all the relevant plots, prior to taking the next step. For this, we charge £295.00.

In short, yes, we can. Whilst we have an interest in the South East, we can find you a building plot in any region you so desire, through the utilisation of software applications, our relationship with landowners, and our network of consultants and planners.

It is a common misconception that building your own home is a luxury and something that can only be achieved by those with an abundance of money. Whilst prosperity has its advantages, it is also true that some have built their own home for less than £100k, including the land.

Assuming you already know where you’d like to build your new home, the only significant question to concern yourself with is whether you have a building plot? Events proceeding that, such as securing finance, developing drawings, and submitting a planning application come later.


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