Architectural Services

Initial consultation and design brief

During this meeting we will discuss the following:

  • The statue requirements of planning law and building regulations that might affect your project
  • Discuss your budget in relation to your design aspirations
  • Discuss the next required steps in moving your project forward

Design proposal drawings and modelling

The production of drawings and information sufficient for a planning applications and initial consultation with building contractors. Further development of our initial consultation and design brief (if previously carried out), together to produce a detailed set of drawings for submission. The design will be modelled in BIM software, that will enable you to visualise the scheme.

Some coordination with external consultants such as Structural Engineers and Quantity Surveyors may be required depending on your requirements. We can recommend consultants within our network and coordinate with them as required.

Pre-application advice

We can liaise with the planning officer within the relevant council on your behalf to discuss the feasibility of your project and make any necessary amendments to maximise the likelihood that submission of your application will be approved.

Outline and full planning applications and appeals

Most councils now favour a pre-planning application process prior to a full submission. We would submit drawings and a design statement outlining the proposal for initial consultation. That said, pre-planning is not always necessary and is dependent on the size and complexity of the project.
Upon approval of the outline application, we will work towards submitting a full planning application. This includes but is not limited to the application forms accompanied with a letter; compilation of drawings and any other assessments and investigations concerning the land and/or property.

Following submission we will track your application and liaise with the planning office as required.

Building regulation drawings

Building Regulation Drawings are developed, with your input, to produce detailed drawings (plans, elevation and sections) for submission to Building Control for their statutory approval and also to enable tendering and construction.

We will liaise with other professional advisors such as Structural Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Energy Performance Specialists and Building Control Inspectors or any other professional deemed necessary.

Project Specifications

Writing of a Specification of Works, comprising of detailed information and specific requirements for inclusion in the tender packs and contract documents.

Tender Services

We will suggest suitable contractors for your project, selected on their suitability for the size and scope of the project. Information to tender will be distributed to selected contractors. Upon completion and return of the contractor’s tender application, we will advise you as necessary.

Contract documents and construction management

Following the completion of the tendering process, we can draw up contracts and oversee the project for you. This may include, but is by no means exhaustive:

  • Regular site inspections
  • Inspection of completed works and at the end of the defects period
  • Issuing the Final Certificate